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Indice del numero 4, 2019, numero speciale

Dedicato a Education and Postdemocracy


Luciano Benadusi, Assunta Viteritti, Leonardo Piromalli

From Democracy and Education, to Education and Postdemocracy. An Introduction to the Special Issue from the First International Conference of Scuola Democratica


keynote lectures

Luciano Benadusi, Education against Postdemocracy


Marco Romito, Education and Postdemocracy. Tensions, Challenges and Opportunities in the Present World. An Interview with Colin Crouch


François Dubet, Faut-il avoir confiance dans l’éducation?


Steve Kenner, Dirk Lange, Digital Citizenship Education. Challenge and Opportunity


Alessandro Cavalli, Social Sciences and Civic Education


Loredana Sciolla, Education and Citizenship in Times of Crisis of Democracy


essays section 1 – Education and (post)democracy

Marina Santi, Maura Striano, Stefano Oliverio

Philosophical Inquiry and Education ‘through’ Democracy. Promoting Cosmopolitan and Inclusive Societies


Fiorenzo Parziale

The Bivalent Role of Tertiary Education in Promoting Universalism in Europe


Paola Mattei

Institutional Depoliticisation and School Governance. Hollowing Out Local Politics in Schools?


Andrea Marchesi

The Measurement of Political Ideologies and Its Implications for Education


Tiziano Gerosa, Marco Romito, Gianluca Argentin, Teodora Erika Uberti

Birds of a Feather Flock Together. Evidence from a Study on the Networks of First-Year University Students


Paolo Sommaggio, Chiara Tamanini

The Project ‘A suon di parole – Il gioco del contraddittorio’. An Educational Game to Disseminate the Culture of Contradictory Opposition in Italian High School Debates


essays section 2 – Culture, innovation and training

Sandra Vatrella, Marcella Milana

European Governance and Educational Policy. Youth Guarantee as a ‘Trail’ between Labour and Learning

Luisa Aiello

Work-Based Learning in the Knowledge Society. Political-Ethical Socialisation and Global Citizenship Education at School


Giulia SelmiChiara SitàFederica de Cordova

When Italian Schools Meet LGBT Parents. Inclusive Strategies, Ambivalence, Silence


Stefania Lorenzini

Understanding and Combating Today’s Racisms by Studying History. The Responsibility of Intercultural Education


Beate Weyland

New Challenges for the School of the Future, between Pedagogy and Architecture


Vincenza Pellegrino, Vincenzo Schirripa, Tiziana Tarsia

Situated Teaching and Democratization of Tertiary Education. A Framework for Practices


Leonardo Piromalli

Research Information Management in Italy. The IRIS Platformised Infrastructure as a Sociotechnical Device


Alessia Rosa, Manuela Repetto

Improving Social Skills of Pupils through 3d Printer







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